TranslaNet works with a number of interpreters, who can make you forget about the language barrier between yourself and your business partner, clients or audience. You can finally focus on what you want to say in your native language and we'll make sure your message sounds the way you intended in the languages you do not speak.

Hire your interpreter

We offer you our interpreting assistance:

  • at conferences and conventions which you organise for your international clients, prospects, partners or staff
  • at business meetings
  • at board meetings
  • during your overseas trips, particularly your visits to Poland or other countries where our interpreters are available
  • during audits and reviews, conducted by third parties at your offices or by yourself at your clients' location
  • at training courses and seminars
  • at press conferences
  • at notary public offices (sworn interpreting)
  • at private meetings and occasions.

Geographic availability of our interpreters

TranslaNet's interpreters can accompany you or support your events at most countries of the European Union, with best availability in Poland and Ireland.

Technical support of conference interpreting

We offer end-to-end technical interpreting support including delivery, installation and operation of simultaneous interpreting equipment at competitve prices (service currently available in Poland only).

How much does it cost to...

Please note that according to commonly adopted industry standards, interpreting is billed by indivisible 4-hour blocks, regardless of its exact duration.

While hiring an interpreter for an off-site interpreting job (field trips, travels), the Client is typically also expected to cover the costs of the interpreter's travel and accommodation.

Please contact TranslaNet now for a detailed quotation, tailored to your needs, document type and content and the time of delivery desired. Please click here to request your quote by email or call us.

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