Translation Hub (T-Hub) for small and medium LSPs

T-Hub is an online translation agency management system designed for small and medium language service providers (LSPs).

TranslaNet has been designing and developing T-Hub since 2008 relying on long years of its own day-to-day experience in managing the variety of aspects of ongoing operation of this specific type of business. Initially just a database of translators and clients, the system has evolved to become an all-in-one solution that meets the demanding requirements of the modern translation agency business, with global all-around-the-clock accessibility, role-dependent access to information to all participants of the process and open technology that ensures its easy setup and customisation.

What is T-Hub?

T-Hub is a constantly growing application that supports tracking the four key threads of the translation agency's work:

  • supplier management
  • client management
  • order management and
  • financial management.

As an online application, it is a perfect solution for translation e-businesses whose staff work remotely from their home offices or geographically distant branches.

It also allows the agency's suppliers (such as translators) and clients to access it via their dedicated front ends and have 24/7 insight into their up-to-date order and billing information.

What T-Hub is not?

At its present version, T-Hub is not a file management tool (although it supports managing supplier cvs, pictures and contracts), so in its out-of-the-box version it cannot be used for translation file uploading, downloading or processing.

T-Hub is not a translation engine or translation memory. At present, it is not a terminological database or repository of such databases.

Technically, what do you need to use T-Hub?

T-Hub is a PHP application that uses an open database and is designed to run on a dedicated in-house web server, which can essentially be a separate, properly set up Linux-based PC with secure permanent internet access.

Such a configuration ensures that you have direct physical access to your data, which is stored on your local machine for easy backup and accessibility.

Alternatively, T-Hub can be run on a remote virtual webserver, subject to availability and setup of that service at the internet service provider of your choice, but this is not a recommended solution.

Installation and customisation service

No IT professional at hand? No worries, if you decide to buy a licence, we can assist you in installing T-Hub on your server of choice.

Depending on your IT environment and your specific requirements, we can customise T-Hub for you, e.g. by integrating it with your other IT systems or adding features you request, subject to a separate agreement and price.

Technical support, user training and help

The licence entitles you to 1 month of free email and telephone technical support for your end users and IT staff. The product includes end user manual and/or a help system. Further support is subject to a separate agreement and price.

You cen see a demo before you decide to buy a licence. If you are interested in buying a licence, please contact us to receive a link to a limited demo version of the out-of-the box application.

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