Our Clients

We work for...

As confidentiality is essential in our line of work, we cannot disclose the identity of our clients and do not even request their permission to do so. However, in order to give you some idea of who our Clients are, we can say that we work for:

  • public relations companies
  • large IT product wholesalers
  • manufacturers and distributors of office products, multimedia equipment and consumer electronics
  • commercial real estate managers and developers
  • IT/new technology start-ups
  • publishing
  • an investment bank
  • commercial and corporate banks
  • leasing companies
  • medical consulting companies
  • international translation agencies (occasionally).

What confidentiality means to us

As our Client, please rest assured that:

  • No information obtained from you, including your identity or the very fact of your using our services shall be disclosed to any third party, including any of our other clients.
  • All our subcontractors have signed non-disclosure agreements with us.
  • Your data is stored on IT systems protected with robust security systems, including the most recent versions of intrusion detection solutions and antivirus systems. Our office is protected by means of a physical security monitoring network.
  • Once your sensitive documents have been translated and their receipt confirmed, they are permanently erased from our IT systems. Consequently, please note that we do not keep copies of your documents or translations, unless otherwise agreed.

Online access to files and order history

As our Client, you can have free access to your account via our proprietary online translation agency management system, T-Hub. This will let you view your list of open and completed orders. Please contact us if you wish to use this option.

We offer our clients an option to have translated versions of their public documents, such as user manuals, published in non-secure dedicated file repositories on our server free of charge but without any guarantee of availability or accuracy. Please contact us if you wish to use this option.

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