Translation, localisation and document processing

At TranslaNet, we primarily offer translation services. We work with many different genres of text, including financial and legal documents, and technical literature – especially IT and related fields.

Document types

The types of documents we translate most frequently include:

  • user manuals
  • press releases
  • contracts
  • business letters
  • internal corporate regulations and procedures
  • product brochures and catalogues
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • meeting minutes
  • certificates
  • financial statements
  • websites
  • software user interfaces and help systems.

Supplementary document processing

We additionally offer document and information processing services that supplement our translation offering, such as:

  • desktop publishing and typesetting
  • document editing
  • conversion of documents between a variety of formats (including paper-to-electronic, scan or PDF to text)
  • website content editing and translation
  • localisation of online applications (including websites)
  • digitisation of documents and non-textual data
  • smart and intelligent execution of all kinds of non-standard tasks.

How is it billed?

Document translation services are usually priced based on their count of words or characters (whichever the Client prefers).

Supplementary services that cannot be easily measured by document size are billed by the hour.

How much does it cost to...

Please contact us now for a detailed quotation. To help us tailor our solution to your requirements, please include information about document size, type and content, and when you require delivery. Please click here to request your quote by email or call us.

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